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In the DynCorp Harvest series, George incrementally describes a luxury medical tourism resort in Northern Haiti, funded by USAID and built by the Clinton Foundation, whose revenue-earning underpinnings are purported to be a) an illegal organ harvesting market, b) human sex trafficking Dyncorp-Slim ratline and c) microlending loansharking debt slavery by DynCorp--the CIA's privatized, covert-services contractor.

The organs are proposed to be either transplanted in Haiti into rich elites skipping the lines with help from organ brokers he believes the Podestas and Braverman-the-doctor to be, or shipped to locations throughout the US to various aristocratic outlets; while women are forced into cellphone-based debt slavery and prostitution; and children are sex-trafficked to Colombia or stowed aboard a medical ship bound for a port in Norfolk Va to be (mkultra-best-use/sex/assassin/politician) trafficked in DC (and abroad). Furthermore, and much like they were in Vietnam, the bodies would then be zipped in DynCorp bodybags, shipped abroad with organs removed and replaced with illegal drugs.

These activities, in addition to blackmailing police forces, politicians, and industry influencers into compliance and loyal servitude--the so-called Brownstone Operations--are the "natural and necessary" functions of the CIA, because--the company erroneously believes--these activities are needed to fund these selfsame covert operations! Putting it more simply, "We need to commit crimes so we can continue to commit crimes."

There. Now you understand the CIA.

- from reddit user 911bodysnatchers322's cliff notes